Integrity, Impact and Quality

These are the core values of the companies. The first letter of each is reflected in both the name and the logo. We share the values but bring our own skills and capabilities that partly overlap and definitely complement.

Together we can support clients in a broad range of issues that are most relevant in today’s challenging business environment.

Collaboration is a given in today’s complex business environment.

Sourcing contracts link organizations together in short-term and long-term relationships, thus forming ecosystems where the value of working together should transcend what parties can achieve by themselves. With over 25 years of international experience both from a client and vendor perspective 2iQ can help you deliver practical insights that lead to tangible outcomes.

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Sustainability is becoming front and centre in every organization’s strategy.

For some this is driven by legislation or by clients requiring additional insight. Others are increasingly motivated to decrease any negative impact on climate and biodiversity by upgrading to circular business models by reducing waste and closing supply chains. As part of a network of like-minded organizations, 2iQ can help you to navigate the inevitable in transforming your processes.

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