Agile Sourcing

Agile Sourcing - toolbox

Recently we launched our Agile Sourcing proposition, created to support organizations that want to generate more value in the collaboration with their IT suppliers.
Inspired by various Agile principles… including a complete set of refreshing insights, innovative tools, active collaboration techniques and over 25 years of sourcing experience, we help parties to forge a sustainable engagement. One that can be flexible when changing circumstances required it.
In a short animation, we provide a comprehensive summary of some of the key insights. While the voice-over is in Dutch, the full transcript can be found below.

Agile Sourcing is a co-creation effort between Addie Korsten, Cris Buningh, Erik Snijder, Joost van Boeschoten and Mark Houdijk.

Full transcript of video-animation

Albert Einstein had a point when he formulated his definition of insanity. It is indeed insane to keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. And yet that is often the daily practice in today’s IT Sourcing practice. With Agile Sourcing, we intend to change this.

Organizations and their IT vendors quite often have a less than perfect collaboration. This inhibits both parties to take advantage of the opportunities provided by developing technologies. At the same time parties seem reluctant to really change their behaviour and they generally continue on the same track. Which at best works at the symptoms but doesn’t address any of the root causes. It is exactly what Einstein calls insanity.

With Agile Sourcing, we break out of this negative spiral by identifying and solving root causes that prevent optimized collaboration. This requires a different focus. Do parties build on the same principles? Are goals and expectations made explicit and aligned? Have parties made the effort to reach over the differences in approach and culture and did they succeed in establishing common ground?

How can we help?

Inspired by Agile principles, with a box filled with innovative tools, refreshing insights and formats and over 25 years of IT Sourcing experience, we can help parties to forge a sustainable way of working together. One that can be flexible if circumstances so dictate.

After the initial intervention, we obviously want to remain closely involved – in a coaching role – to ensure the improved relationship actually holds.
The road ahead may not always be easy and obvious. With Agile Sourcing, it will require courage and leadership to break through the insanity. Discussing ‘values’, ‘interests’, ‘approach’ and ‘culture’ can be challenging topics to discuss in an environment that has been focused for years on SLA’s, KPI’s, TCO and the contract.

But a mind-shift is definitely needed. Quoting Einstein again: “we will not be able to solve problems with the same way of thinking that created them.”
Are you willing to re-think your collaboration models and are you interested in learning more about Agile Sourcing? Then please reach out. The Sourcing Network looks forward to engaging with you!