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Sourcing for a better world?

The drivers for sourcing are quite diverse, but more often than not ‘cost savings’ is high on the priority list together with ‘focus on core business’ and ‘quality improvement’. Very rarely sourcing engagements are seen as an opportunity to increase happiness or change the world for the better. But there are exceptions and I would […]

Robotics: can your work be automated?

A recent trend in Shared Services and Outsourcing is Robotics Process Automation (RPA). In the early days labour arbitrage and industrialized delivery models were used to optimize processes and bring down cost. Twenty years later we see that additional value needs to come from new initiatives and RPA is a good candidate to deliver onthis […]

Canada, Eh?

There are several ways to make decisions in life. My type of personality would generally rate the rational approach above the more emotional attempts to get to a conclusion. Normally I would do a risk analysis, talk to people who’s knowledge and opinion I respect and I would draft a list of all the pro’s […]

Parkinson’s Law or why we procrastinate while we can…

Management Consultants as a species are always busy. Client meetings, presentations to prepare, reports to finish, networks to be maintained, we are running all over the place. But to be fair, our level of activity varies over the year. When working on three or four client engagements at the same time our agenda’s are back-to-back […]

Crowdsourcing, a phenomenon that is here to stay

Sourcing consultants should aspire to understand every aspect of sourcing. My question is whether that should include ‘crowdsourcing’ as well because this is an upcoming phenomenon. At first glance crowdsourcing seems to be something in the area of Social Media but I think it deserves a more thorough assessment as it can be relevant in […]


Best Value Procurement, a one-size-fits-all solution?

Well over a year ago I had several people who talked to me about Best Value Procurement (BVP for short). For different reasons they were all very positive about this approach and its potential benefits. Fragmented stories and various recommendations were a reason for me to go to the source: the Performance Based Studies Research […]

Thinking In New Boxes – Luc de Brabandere

Recently I concluded an on-line course ‘On Strategy : What Managers Can Learn from Great Philosophers‘. The course was given by Luc de Brabandere, a professor at Ecole Central Paris and a fellow at the Boston Consultancy Group. During the course De Brabandere focused on change by distinguishing between changes in reality and changes in […]

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From cost to value

Outsourcing has been around for some time now. After the mega deals in the late nineties, the industry developed quite a bit. Deals became smaller, engagement are now mostly multi-vendor, in some cases with a prime vendor responsible for service integration. Over the last couple of years