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Better is the enemy of good enough…

The Management Consultant as any professional strives for the best result. Whether she/he drafts a proposal, makes a presentation or creates a final report, there is continuously room for further improvement and putting in more effort is always an option. These type of situations led Cyril Northcote Parkinson to his famous observation in 1955: “Work […]

A dog called Outlook?!

Sometimes when you see a dog-owner walking in the park, the question arises who is in the lead. Especially children and elderly people can find themselves in challenging situations. Despite the fact that they hold the leash they have only limited impact on the direction chosen by the animal on the other end. Dogs are quite […]

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Conference call etiquette

Every trade or industry has its tools. And apart from the IT stuff like spreadsheets, word-processors and a variety of presentation apps, today’s Management Consultant cannot work without conference calls. Communication is among our primary skills, and projects more often than not are spread over geographies. It is therefore almost on a daily basis that […]

Fact free consultancy? You deserve better than that…

The phrase “fact free politics” was made popular in 2010 by Bill Clinton when referring to the performance of Sarah Palin, then running for office as the Republican candidate for vice-president. To be precise, he warned not to underestimate her as we were entering an era of fact free politics. As I stumbled over the […]


RAGged reporting can give clear insight

Reports providing the RAG-status of a project are relatively common. When done correctly this simple way of reporting provides clear insight to anyone who needs it. But it is important to adhere to some simple guidelines when labelling anything Red, Amber or Green. Without agreement on the basics, providing a status report based on RAG is […]

Optimizing your SLA or managing a watermelon

An important part of any sourcing engagement is the Service Level Agreement. The SLA lists the agreed (Key) Performance Indicators and the norm for each to which a vendor should comply. In some cases penalties apply when service levels fall short of the agreed norm. Despite the serious effort usually spent during negotiations into agreeing […]

The eleventh and twelfth commandment

In most countries with a Jewish and/or Christian tradition, the ten commandments are a known entity. These rules were supposedly given by God himself to Moses who subsequently managed to break the stone tablets on which he carved them so he had to do the inscriptions twice. And although we have been comfortable with only […]