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Chocolate factory: a filter for consultancy talk

The added value of management consultants lies for a significant part in the fact that they bring real industry knowledge and personal experience to the table addressing your specific challenges. Obviously this is a good thing. But at the end of the day it is not about the generic options that a consultant can provide […]


Time = money?

When someone walks up to you and asks for money what would you do? I’m not talking small change for a street musician. Think about a colleague showing up at your desk asking for an amount of money in the order of your commercial hourly rate. Would you give it straight away? Most likely you […]

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It is all about incentives

Co-workers need to know and understand each other’s drivers or motives. When they don’t the likelihood of successful cooperation is average at best. Nevertheless this is the default cooperation model in many outsourcing engagements: mutual insight in (individual) incentives is rarely a given. The average outsourcing contract usually contains

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First comes curiosity

Any corporation today has a rich portfolio of course material, a focused curriculum for each area of expertise and Training & Development support to guide their employees in becoming highly successful professionals. All prerequisites for continuous learning have been met to ensure their workforce continues to


Innovation for Dummies: Systematic Inventive Thinking

For some Innovation is a form of creativity. A divine spark initiates some higher brain function kicking of inspirational images of new products and services. For those SIT may come as a shock. SIT stands for Systematic Inventive Thinking and provides a structured way of creating new concepts by combining

Moonwalking with Einstein

Joshua Foer wrote a great book about memory. Moonwalking with Einstein talks about the (almost forgotten) art and science of remembering. Part of the story is about the way to improve your memory and easily remember vast amounts of data. The method for that goes back to Rhetorica Ad Herennium. We don’t know

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What can a paper towel dispenser teach us about testing?

Testing is an important activity in the area of IT. The number of available methodologies, frameworks and models underline the fact that testing makes an impact in today’s IT world. That is, if done correctly. In some cases we don’t meet the very basic pre-requisite. Testing activities should always closely correlate with the real world. […]