Circular Procurement in 8 steps

Cecile van Oppen, Godard Croon, Dirk Bijl de Vroe

Making the world a better place starts with asking better questions.

Purchasing is a powerful tool in the transition to a circular economy. In Europe alone, the government budget for purchasing is more than €1,800 billion. By asking different questions, suppliers can be enticed to redesign their products; closed chains can also arise.

The book, written by Cécile van Oppen, Godard Croon and Dirk Bijl de Vroe, summarizes our lessons from 10 years of circular purchasing. The publication was made possible by Rijkswaterstaat.

This manual for circular purchasing was written based on the belief that we as an agency want to be indispensable. The manual should help buyers, policy advisors and project leaders to independently start and implement a circular purchasing process. The book covers eight steps to achieve a successful circular purchasing process. The steps are also substantiated on the basis of realized cases.

  1. Circular purchasing: why and what?
  2. Internal consequences
  3. Question
  4. Multidisciplinary collaboration
  5. Tender procedure
  6. Measuring and assessing circularity
  7. Ensuring circularity
  8. Contract management